Management & Professional Recruitment

To succeed you need management and professionals with the experience and technical skills to get the job done. You need qualified people ready to ‘hit the ground running’ and you need to find them quickly. The challenge is accessing networks of qualified, competent people ready to join your team when you need them. You understand the value in having recruitment specialists with active candidate relationships introduce you to skilled professionals quickly.

How MNP Can Help

MNP’s experienced recruitment specialists will work with you to identify your needs and present you with qualified candidates when you need them. We offer our clients:

  • A trusted business advisor relationship. Your needs will be managed and represented by a (single point of contact ) recruitment specialist that works with you and the candidates presented throughout the recruitment.
  • Senior level resources with specialized technical experience. We understand the roles, requirements, expectations and accountabilities of managers and senior professionals in sales and marketing, human resources/ labor relations and accounting.
  • An effective combination of local candidate identification strategies. We build long-term relationships with experienced professionals so that we can facilitate introductions when you need them. Our recruitment specialists are expert relationship managers and we network with the professional contacts of all MNP team members locally, firm-wide and with our business partner Mandrake in eastern Canada. Mandrake is one of Canada’s leading management and professional recruitment firms with an extensive network of over 350000 professionals.
  • A consistent assessment process that qualifies candidate skills through behaviorial based interviews and completion of reference checking with two to three business references. Our specialists know how to ask questions that will demonstrate if the individual has the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in your business.
  • Regular updates to inform you of our progress. We will speak to you weekly to keep you well-informed.

Our Approach

MNP’s management and professional recruitment methodology brings qualified candidates forward quickly:

To find out how MNP Consulting can help you, please contact your local MNP consultant.